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  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks mate….. You saved my life with it… I don't have any words to say
    Thanks once again and keep it up and coming!!!!

  2. Mahmud says

    Thanks again. Should in case I get stocked at ap fastboot, where should I type the commands as mentioned above. I am a bit confused.

    • Christianihechi says

      Just connect the device to your PC while it’s still in the AP Fastboot screen, open a command window inside the Snapdragon Fastboot folder and then type the commands below, one after another.
      First of all, Type
      fastboot oem fb_mode_clear
      and then hit the Enter button on your PC. Next, type
      fastboot continue
      and hit the enter key as well. This will boot up your phone. I hope it’s clear now.

  3. Kehinde says

    Brotherly, I must say that i am very impressed. This phone has been bricked since June 2015 and I have tried all means to unlock it, all with no positive result. until I found this your website today. Everything worked perfectly!!!
    Thank you very much and am very grateful. God bless.

  4. David Sanborn says

    Another satisfied customer! My XT907 has been in a drawer for a couple of years after the local Verizon shop told me it was “unfixable”. As usual, I’m smarter than the irritated millenials behind the counter at any business, anywhere.
    Biggest issue was getting past the malware site hosting the downloads!

  5. Rykster says

    It’s 2020 and I’m having this issue with a phone that got stuck in a bootloop back in late 2017.

    A Motorola Droid RAZR M XT907

    Of course I did method 1 because the phone wouldn’t show up in RSD Lite as “Fastboot Device”. I dunno if it’s my computer OS or the application is bugged somehow, but if you can get back to me I’d be happy.

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