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  1. Vanessa Hontiveros says

    Ive plugged my device and the pc didnt recognize it.i tried installing drivers but i think its not for infocus m210. But when i charge the unit and press vol – and power button it can go on fastboot mode. Thats why i think this is the suitable method t9 do flashing for i cant get into recovery. I dont know if the vol+ button is deffective that prevents me on doing so..please further guide me if i really missed a lot on this…thank you for your quick responses..

  2. Mba Christian Ihechi says

    Ok. Since you can only access 'fastboot mode', we would go with that. If you haven't installed fastboot drivers on your PC, download Fastboot installer here. Also download the Infocus M210 here

    Install the Fastboot file and also tick the 'add shortcut to desktop' during installation for easy accessibility.

    After installaling the file, launch it. Connect your M210 in fastboot mode to the PC. Now type this in the cmd window and hit enter button.

    fastboot devices

    Your Infocus M210 fastboot id should now display. If yes, type these and hit enter after each line of command.

    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot erase cache
    fastboot reboot

    Your device should now reboot. Give it some time to boot up completely. If that goes well or vice versa, please let me know.

  3. Mba Christian Ihechi says

    Yes, you should place the '' file in the root of your Sdcard . Remember, you can only flash the zip file while in recovery mode. So if you have successfully entered the recovery mode, you can proceed. For the fastboot issue, install the Minimal Adb/Fastboot above and type the first command to check if your device is properly detected. If you have any question/issue, please let me know.

  4. Vanessa Hontiveros says

    Hello Sir! Thank you for your kindness and this helpful blog. I have done as what you have told me and it fix my M210. Is this for life or do i still have to reinstall the I will wait for your advice before i use my device. ^-^

  5. Vanessa Hontiveros says

    Oh after i insert sims and sd card it stuck on logo again.i waited several minutes then turned it of.remove the sd card and it opened again.but when i add my gmail and sync it..suddenly some apps have stopped including launcher.why and what should i do..please help again.thanks

  6. Mba Christian Ihechi says

    I think the firmware on your M210 is having issues / conflicts. Try booting into recovery and install the "" file for your Infocus M210 so as to get a clean ROM. Just do that and let's see how it goes….

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